Security Fest CTF 2018 - Mr. Reagan (Forensic)

I just spend 1 hours on this CTF and I have to recognized the theme is just awesome, Matrix my favorite movie so far. The green lines of the matrix scrolling behind the list of challenges …

Agent Smith got this from Mr. Reagan, a EMP was activated nearby, or? (Solves 91)

Welcome to the desert of the real

Quickly identify the file as a DOS boot sector

switch :: ~/CTF/securityfest » file mrreagan
mrreagan: DOS/MBR boot sector, [...]

I first tried to list the partition with mmls from the sleuthkit but it seems to fail because of wrongs informations. I didn’t invesigate in depth however I just ran this command in order to display a list of files

Few files with well know name just popped as you see, so I decided to read it with icat usually you provide the inode number but I just set it to 0 and get all the files which save me, the few text files contained only quote from the movies.

You’ve been living in a dream world, Neo

As you see on the last picture some easily recognizable base64 text was present and I just decided to decode one only driven by curiosity and it gave : f4k3} Which really look like a end of flag